beauty of sadistic computers

while we all are explained nicely how beautiful are computers,how helpful they are for our sheer existence….one thing is certain..


Why,you ask?

Because I hate computers…

is she an old little hag?why the hell she hates computers which has helped science in the ways no one can imagine!

I can ..I do really…but it doesn’t helps my already aching  and completely dull brain to bear more of this torture…those languages!!!My goodness!!However one tries to explain it..even if God comes and decides to teach me..No thank you!If you are here for this..please please are wasting your time..

I wish somebody is patient enough to teach me python..but if angels are truly present in this world,they would have come already,isn’t it?

I am waiting for you…computer fairy!!!

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naughty feedbacks

As i cant really resist myself from showing off about my poem (Me being the bragging parent of her adorable child)…I went on to show my poem to whoever could tolerate me and my endurable speeches for the next hour(It is suicide from both sides-if they refuse,well…results are not pleasant.and if they unfortunately agree…i hope they keep Crocin with them!!)

So there WERE four victims…and they were terribly interrogated afterwards..

Do you like my poem?what do you get from it?how do you think i can improve on it?

And all the while i get poisonous glances enough to tame cobra…

cant blame them,really!!!!

the very first comment-“Are you in love?”

and i was like-“What the hell is this guy referring to?”

next-“I cant believe it!!!”

“just that?nothing else?I need more than that!!!

next-“IS that how you view us?”

What have i done now?

next-“stop it….i cant take it…please stop it!!!”

So it must be bad in the fullest extent..which made one not even to read anymore …to almost run if to hide away the very fundamentals…

My sadistic nature couldnt stop me from blogging though…

Why?How the portrayal of deepest feelings of one’s heart cause such miseries?In what manner one associates themselves ,their lives,their thoughts,their everything…Is this the similar association..or the awkwardness..or the unfamiliarity which dispels us…what is it?

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accomplished vagabond

just when i was free like an accomplished vagabond,an idea sprung up…why not be a blogger???anyways,i have plenty things to share with…like what will be the first reaction as people read these?

what?!!Riya and blogging?no way!!she is the most studious type,always with her books,she can never do such time wasting things!!but how shall i ever convince them…this is perhaps the best manner my wasted energy  got foolish of me to be so late,after all..but do not worry!!

this accomplished vagabond has just started!!wait for the next one!!

PS:you have to rate it..otherwise i won’t know how am i doing!!

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